About Me

I’m pleased to meet you.

My fascination with finding symbolic meaning in consumer culture began back in 1998 when I wrote three columns for Citysearch in San Francisco and Los Angeles: Brand Nation, Made by the Bay and Fetish Object of the Week.

I’m not drawn to the kind of superficial fixes that clutter our lives with meaningless “stuff” or to the glib obliviousness to the world’s suffering that gives happiness a bad name. I’m talking about the power of finding fresh joy in the intensely particular forms of modern life. Instead of glorifying the same old boring negativity, cynicism and fear, we choose to peer beyond into the beauty.

I created a Charm-o-Matic for myself when I realized that I was responsible for my own happiness. After I experienced a religious un-conversion in my 20s, I began putting all of the pieces back together to form a stronger whole – with an eye toward peace, beauty, kindness and innovation. I worked first as an English teacher and then as an editor and writer.

Now I’m putting the Charm-o-Matic where all self-respecting machines belong: online. The Charm-o-Matic generates techniques, tips and totems, all for your living pleasure. I love talking about these things, and I hope you’ll share what makes you happy too. I look forward to knowing you.

Oh, you wanted something more like a resume? By all means, feel free to get in touch.

Oh, you didn’t really want anything like a resume? Maybe you’d be more interested in my Charmifesto, then. It’s a little more interesting, anyway. And feel free to get in touch even if you’d don’t want my resume. Nowadays, you can also find me at susangrayblue.com,

One Response to “About Me”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Fantastic manifesto. It resonates completely for me!

    I was inspired by your inspiration and referenced your terrific site in a blog post today:


    I love your lucid, cheerful, and life-loving expression of spirit. It is a true tonic, particularly for those among us with an inclination for melancholy. Bless you. Really, I mean … bless you. Big.


    Laurie Eno

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