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Mighty nice operation

March 18, 2009
Taking the world by nice.

Taking the world by nice.

When nice is more than just fine.

You know what’s nice? Being nice – that’s what’s nice. Not wimpy nice. Not namby-pamby nice. Consciously nice. Determinedly nice. Or as the Niceness Pro at Operation Nice puts it: “proactively nice.” We’re not talking about the kind of nice that stems from feeling obligated or from not standing up for yourself. We’re talking about the kind of nice that benefits everyone. It’s a win-win, I tell you.

I loved this site the first time I laid eyes on it a few months ago, and founder Melissa Morris Ivone is following up beautifully on her mission to make the world a nicer place. Her site is full of downloads, challenges, testimonials, tips and other niceties.

At its best, a commitment to being nice is about more than holding a door here and there or gracing the world with your smile when it occurs to you. When the amazing story of Jill Bolte Taylor started circulating, one of things she said that stood out to me is that we need to be responsible for the energy we’re putting out into the world. Lying in her hospital bed after suffering a stroke, the brain researcher was unable to communicate; however, she picked up on the energy of the various doctors and nurses who came in and out of her room. Some people made her feel cared for in her vulnerable condition, and some made her feel utterly insignificant.

We do this to the people around us every day. By taking responsibility for the kind of energy we’re transmitting, we improve the environment around us. That includes the other people within reach of our mysterious energetic vibes, and it includes our own state of mind, too. See, I told you it was a win-win.

Making Operation Nice a regular online stop will give you all sorts of gentle reminders to be nice on purpose. That’s the kind of nice that gets the Charm-o-Matic whirring.