Charm-i-days: Goodies for the eggnog lover in you

Here’s to putting eggnog in all the right places, from your bathtub to your purse.

Eggnog innovations and sensations.

Innovations in the world of eggnog have been gaining momentum since the most recent turn of the century – maybe this newfound love for the old-fashioned treat started with the eggnog latte. What matters is that you’re now free to enjoy eggnog not only at parties but also in the shower. Observe the enfoldment of eggnog euphoria.

Eggnog bubblegum. Ideal to give as stocking stuffers or to make a point while standing in line for the eggnog. Keep in purse or pocket for eggnog emergencies.

Eggnog shower gel and shampoo. Smells like eggnog, looks like eggnog, labeled as eggnog. Isn’t eggnog – rather, is ingenious three-in-one shower gel, shampoo and bubble bath. Perhaps you’ve never really wanted to bathe in eggnog, in which case this product isn’t for you. But you could still feel awfully clever giving it to someone on your Christmas list.

Eggnog taffy. Tastes like eggnog and comes in a twist-tie box as appealing as any eggnog carton. Nine out of ten shoppers prefer twist-tie boxes.

Eggnog bubblegum from Archie McPhee, $3.50
Philosophy eggnog shower gel from, $16
Sweets eggnog taffy from, $3

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