Charm-i-days: Felt bowls and vases

Handmade bowls of wooly goodness.

Deeply felt gifts.

Innovative use of textile? Check.

Stylish shapes and vibrant colors? Check.

Thoughtful application of renewable resource? Check.

Unmistakable desire to have some sitting around my house? Check.

Designed and handmade by Patty Benson, these felt bowls and vases provide an unexpected pop of color and texture. Benson combines the techniques of crocheting and wet felting and fashions bowls and vases out of wool instead of the more expected ceramic or wood. The small bowls are ideal for keeping your keys or favorite jewelry handy, while the larger ones make stunning centerpieces.

For a fun hostess gift over the holidays, consider filling the small felted plant cozy with a rosemary plant or a Tickle-Me plant, which was one of last year’s most popular Charm-i-days ideas.

Felted bowls and vases, $36 and up at Rare Device
Tickle-Me plant party favor, $5.95

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