Charm-i-days: Plan + man = can

The can lives on, as inspiration for us all.

The Man Can can’t, but you can.

Proof at long last that idea of a man with a can has staying power (or is it the subconscious idea of a man in a can?), the Man Can at is sold out. We grieve and move on. This doesn’t mean the guy on your list has to go can-free. Make your own man can plan by picking up a galvanized metal pail at a hardware store and filling it with manly goods from Kiehl’s, the Body Shop, Sephora, Burt’s Bees or Small Flower (maybe it sounds girly, but they have a solid selection of  gentlemanly, natural skin products). If you’re feeling ambitious or especially merry, create a Man Can-like label of your own for the pail.

For more container-related ideas for guys, consider the Christmas tree in a can from Fred Flare or the moon jar lamp from Elsewares (after featuring the sun jar lamp last year, it only seems right to give the moon its due).

If cans aren’t classy enough for you, Delight’s brother site, the Gent Supply Co., also has non-can-related gifts for guys, starting with a page of Sterling Cooper-inspired ideas for “Mad Men” fans. Hubris not included.

Man Can, in your hands
Christmas tree can, $12
Moon jar lamp, $40
Gent Supply Co., prices vary

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