Charm-i-days idea #4: Tokyo Milk lip balm

A Christmas debate topic: whether this goodie is the cutest stocking stuffer ever or the most sophisticated lip balm in the known universe.

Fred Flare does lip balm right.

Ms. Antoinette didn't really say that.

It’s a rare object indeed that’s equal parts beautiful and cute … simultaneously sophisticated and whimsical. In this case, the stars have aligned to meet those criteria in a form that’s portable and that softens your lips. Really, the universe has outdone itself this time.

Or at least the folks at Tokyo Milk have. The packaging on their perfumes is so fun and unusual (the first time I’ve even seen an Edgar Allan Poe reference worked into a perfume bottle) that I actually sprayed some on a few weeks ago. But over-the-moon as I am about their packaging, the fragrance was just too much for me.

So imagine my delight when I found their lip balms on Fred Flare. I have to admit it’s all about the packaging here – an intoxicating mix of old-fashioned fonts and sweet confections. The Marie Antoinette-inspired “Let Them Eat Cake” flavor (we all know by now that she never really said that, right?) tastes exactly like coconut cake, while the “Petits Fours Glaces” and “Cherry Bomb” flavors are on the fruity side.  A kissing quote is part of the packaging, too, along with an insert with kissing tips. (Not that I think you need any.)

My only wish is that the designers worked with tubes instead of tubs, so they had more surface area for images of Marie Antoinette or desserts on the balms and not just on the boxes. Because let’s face it – I’m never going to spend my hard-earned dollars on a Marie Antoinette action figure, but after reading a couple of biographies about her life and wardrobe, I think she deserves a place in my repertoire of accouterments.

Of course, $18 is a lot for lip balm, so be sure that the person you have in mind will truly appreciate the inspired packaging. (Otherwise, buy some retro Bonne Bell for $1.99 and call it a day.)

Tokyo Milk lip balm, $18 at Fred Flare

4 Responses to “Charm-i-days idea #4: Tokyo Milk lip balm”

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