Charm-i-days: Cake card holder

In a word, yum.

If you like it, then you shoulda put a cake on it.

The Charm-o-Matic is declaring this cake card holder from The Curiosity Shoppe 2009’s cutest stocking stuffer. This illustrious honor went last year to Tokyo Milk lip balm, and this year’s winner is equally pastel-ish in overtones with a slice of realism and old-fashioned goodness.

I’m endlessly fascinated by depictions of food from bygone eras, whether they’re gorgeous, elaborate Cavallini reproductions or the more unfortunate remembrances of the Gallery of Regrettable Food. So when it comes to a nostalgic-looking, food-related item that I can carry around with me, I’m utterly powerless to resist.

The pink-frosted, yellow layer cake featured here looks like the delicious birthday sweet your grandmother may have made for you once a long time ago. Except, you know, you can put this one in your pocket.

The card holder can accommodate business cards or IDs and is handmade in Los Angeles.

Cake card holder, $12

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