Charm-i-days idea #3: CB2 stemware

From CB2 to you

From CB2 to you

Create a festive mood with just-right champagne and cocktail glassware … and maybe something tasty to pour.

These handsome Valencia martini glasses and flutes are ostensibly Moroccan-influenced, but you can interpret the filigree however you’d like. The relatively new CB2, a younger sibling of Crate & Barrel, specializes in home and office furniture and accessories that are affordable, modern and fun. I’ll drink to that. The company’s Gigi stemware would also make sipping merry – the flutes and wine glasses stand out (and up) with outrageously elongated, slender stems.

CB2’s celebration-friendly glasses are unique-looking and budget-friendly, which is an entirely jolly combination. They’d make a great gift for newlyweds, new home owners, the consummate entertainer on your list or perhaps someone like me who loves the idea of entertaining but never got around to filling the cupboard with appropriate dishes.

If you’re making room in your own holiday entertainment budget for these pretties, you might want some holiday cocktail ideas, too – Martha Stewart has some tasty-looking ones.

CB2 Valencia and Gigi stemware, $4.95 each

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