Charm-i-days Idea #9: Water bottled up

Drink water like it's 1883.

Drink water like it's 1883.

Everyone on your list drinks water. But are they drinking stylishly and with eco-flair?

We’ve been given plenty of reasons to give up bottled water over the last couple of years … full landfills, heavy carbon footprints and plastic toxicity concerns. Add another reason to list: pretty, shiny objects.

Experts can argue about the dire nature of all the other reasons to switch, but I haven’t found anyone yet who will deny the high charm quotient on these aluminum alternatives.

Perhaps the most spectacular aluminum water bottles of all are based on Arts & Crafts Movement patterns designed by William Morris in the late 1800s. The nature themes are typical of that style – the movement was a rejection of excesses of the Victorian age and the dehumanization and mass production of the Industrial Revolution. (These water bottles sound very important now, yes?)

Sigg bottles have been around for a while now, too, and they’re mighty fine as well, although I can’t claim any historical significance. But you know, they’re from Switzerland. Mountains, pure streams, timely trains and all that. I love my turquoise Maharadsha bottle, and REI is selling a holiday design.

I refill my bottles with my Brita filter pitcher, but when I’m a millionaire, I’m going to buy my own seltzer maker and drink bubbly water like there’s no tomorrow. I’ll be so far beyond plastic and aluminum at that point that I’ll likely use a sterling straw. But I digress. My point is: save the planet, get a friend or family member hydrated, make a historical/design statement and cross someone off your gift list in one fell swoop.

William Morris-inspired water bottles, $14.95
Sigg Maharadsha bottle, $24.99
Sigg holiday bottle, $24.99
Sigg, Sigg and more Sigg

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