Charm-i-days Idea #10: Retro sport love


Ebbets Field brings it home.

They’re nostalgic … they’re sporty … they’re cool.

Mixing sports and nostalgia is one of those fool-proof formulas – it can create several reactions in the gift-ee, but they’re all varieties of happiness. Retro shirts and baseball caps are popular right now because they work on several levels. If you’re a die-hard fan of any team, owning something with their logo from way-back provides indisputable proof that you’re a true fan to all who look upon you. (I feel nearly unstoppable in my retro Cubs baseball cap.) And the designs are so cool that they hold appeal for non-sports fans, too. Varieties of this happiness formula include sports fans who admire not only the team to which they pledge their current allegiance, but also the logos and built-in history of teams that no longer exist.

To wit, who wouldn’t love wearing a shirt for the Amarillo Gold Sox from 1958, the 1888 Shenandoah Hungarian Rioters or the San Francisco Missions formed in 1937? Ebbets Field carries just that kind of t-shirt and also makes throwback football and baseball jerseys.

For more modern teams, Retro Sport has shirts and hats with that vintage feel for quite a few pro and college teams.  You can find the Retro Sport brand at several department stores and on, too.

And even though their online store is down at time of this post,  I have to mention Blue Marlin. They were one of the first companies to jump on the replica hat and cap bandwagon; in fact, they did a lot to create the trend in the late ’90s. usually has a collection of their t-shirts on hand.

Even the MLB and NFL shops are getting in on the action – if you search carefully, you can find vintage-looking gear on their sites, too.

Prices vary as widely as the teams we love.

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