Charm-i-days: Uncle Envelope

Not your father's uncle. Not your uncle, either.

More likely to send you mail every month than any actual uncle on your holiday gift list.

Sure, you can give someone bacon of the month club or the rare olive oil club from Zingerman’s or even the spectacular-sounding lunar chocolate of the month club from Vosges Haut Chocolate. But Uncle Envelope has another idea for you altogether. Uncle Envelope delivers paper-based goodies each month for those of us in this digital age who still love the feel of paper in our hands.

As reported on Pop Candy, Kristin Lindner created the service and recruits artists to participate, so subscribers receive some kind of print object each month – maybe a craft, a comic, a map or a game. You can see examples of previous work on the Uncle Envelope site.

It’s sort of like adopting someone’s mailbox, making sure something delightful arrives once in a while. Just think: You’ll be giving someone on your list the gift of looking forward to peering into that mailbox and seeing something more rewarding than a 20-percent-off coupon.

Go ahead – befriend (be-uncle?) someone’s mailbox.

Uncle Envelope subscription, $36

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