Get high on charm


James Nestor, illustrating the highest of writing techniques

Using brain science, not drugs, to create highs of mystical proportions.

All the recent, fascinating research about the brain changes that meditation creates is alluring. Knowing that you can actually alter your brain state gives off rays of hope in all kinds of directions. This kind of change is at the heart of the Charm-o-Matic, after all.

Those of us who don’t spend hours sitting cross-legged in a cave every day can head to Get High Now for a mental break instead. The web site offers visual and audio illusions – including the much ballyhooed binaural beats – and explanations of the science behind them.

ReadyMade magazine recently interviewed Get High Now author James Nestor, who notes that “altered states of consciousness have been at the core of almost every culture (but modern Western culture) since pre-history.” Ever the skeptic, Nestor identifies these delights as “mystical crap” that we’ve replaced with working long hours and watching television.

“I know, this sounds flaky and super-cosmic,” he continues. “Trust me, I’m a skeptic. I don’t wear patchouli. I’ve done yoga three times in my life. But, brothers and sisters, all this tis true!”

You can read more of the ReadyMade interview or head right over and let the trippy brain science commence. Experiment with finding your brain’s charm center.

Get High Now online, Free
Get High Now book, $14.95

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