Not for the birds, but from them

A Paulo Pinto photo became a tune

A Paulo Pinto photo became a tune.

A glimpse of birds sitting on a wire turns into a musical composition.

You can file this video under the category of “proof that the lens through which we view our world creates amazing effects.” As he was reading the newspaper one day, a Brazilian musician named Jarbas Angelli saw a photo of a flock of birds sitting on electrical wires. Intrigued by the way the birds seemed to be lined up on the wire like musical notes on a score, he decided to investigate further.

Sure, we’ve likely all stared in wonder at birds perched on those wires, and we’ve likely all seen photos in the newspaper that sparked our interest. But Angelli didn’t just observe. He put his particular view of those birds into motion.

Angelli clipped out the photo and got busy translating the tableaux into music, plotting out notes based on the birds’ positions. Taking his work full circle, he contacted the photographer at the paper. And just like that: Cue music for the next Internet sensation.

So I wonder, what is your particular view of the universe showing you today?

Birds on the Wires video

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