Tokyo Milk lights me up (again)

Tokyo Milk from Fred Flare

Tokyo Milk from Fred Flare

This company gets more delightful by the day – and by the night, if that’s when you light candles.

My only wish about Tokyo Milk’s lip balms when I discovered them was that the designs were on the packaging of the balm itself and not just on the box. And while I realize that their attention to my every wish is no doubt inadvertent, I couldn’t help but be pleased with myself when I saw their new candles at Fred Flare.

These pretty candles come in tins, so you know what that means:  Blowing out the candle for the last time may lead to an extremely cute storage device.

While the pull these Tokyo Milk products have on me is all about the design sensibility, the candles smell great, too. The one featuring a cake is called Eat Cake and smells like vanilla with a little coconut. The tin with the retro dress patterns is called Paper & Cotton; it has a bright aroma, if that’s possible, and is scented with birch wood and sage.

I do try not to repeat myself too often lest certain gears on the Charm-o-Matic wear thin, but I am powerless when it comes to designs that blend whimsy and sophistication.

Tokyo Milk travel candles, $14 at

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