A tree on every wrist


Holly Hawk's leather designs on Etsy

Make like a tree a leave a cuff on your wrist.

Now that I’ve gone public with my love of trees, I’m declaring these leather cuff bracelets by *hollyhawk* to be the next best thing to taking a walk in the woods.

I don’t remember how I found Holly’s designs on Etsy a while back, but my wrist has been happier ever since I did. Her leather bracelets are one part sophistication and one part rock-n-roll. Also one part delicate and one part bold. And three parts nature.

The bracelets look cool, but my theory is that wearing one can also serve as a three-second meditation every time it catches your eye. Spending time in nature is more soothing and inspiring than anything else on the planet for some of us, but the great outdoors isn’t always accessible – or feasible, given our crazy schedules. So sometimes a little replica just has to do.

Here’s to incorporating trees into our wardrobes and supporting independent artists, too.

Tree silhouette leather cuff, $22

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  1. Drea Says:

    In keeping with the nature theme:

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