Charm-i-days Idea #7: Origami sticky notes

Sticky-note origami makes an unexpected gift for the creative person (or the bored office worker) on your list.

origamiHow cute are these? Each of the sticky note origami pads has instructions for origami shapes from pigs and butterflies to squirrels and lilies. Recycling old post-it notes has never been quite so … shapely.

I think lots of people would be amused and surprised by this as a gift. Think of those office workers looking for something interesting to do with their post-it notes, not to mention creative types (and fidgety ones?).

I have to admit I’m not patient enough to try origami, but the company says their instructions are good for beginners and advanced origami lovers. So add “extremely dexterous people” to the list of appropriate gift recipients.

Since the sticky origami notes are only $5, you could pick up a packet for yourself, too. Who knows – start on the penguin this year and by next Christmas, you could be crafting paper reindeer in front of a roaring fire.

Origami sticky notes, $5

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