Joy of banishing

The Charm-o-Matic doesn’t cost a dime … and getting rid of clutter is priceless.

A happy shelf

A happy shelf

Even though the Charm-o-Matic does sometimes exhibit fondness for certain kinds of material possessions, the point is to look deeply and fully appreciate what’s around us.

If you’ve been hit by the financial crisis and know that it isn’t responsible to spend even a few dollars here and there (they do add up, after all), you can put the Charm-o-Matic in motion by retrofitting your perspective on what you already own.

One of my favorite hobbies is getting rid of things. I realize that some people enjoy dancing and painting, but it’s clearing out closets, storage boxes and drawers that thrills me. Part of the pleasure lies in the power of banishing things you don’t absolutely love. The outcome is delightful, too – streamlining makes room to more thoroughly enjoy your favorite things. Such liberation and focus is delicious. I get delirious, I tell you.

Think of it: Those two extra vases you never use – gone to Goodwill. That pile of sweaters you haven’t worn since the blizzard of ’84 – nevermore. The books on your shelves that you didn’t rock your world and that you’ll never read again – off to the used bookstore with them.

You are the curator of your life, and that includes your possessions. Is anything weighing your down? Thank it very much and send it on its way. It’s that easy. Then, focus on what makes you happy – trinkets or objet d’art that give you positive feelings.

Maybe you have a childhood keepsake tucked away somewhere that you could bring into the open. Or maybe some beautiful vase holds fun memories, but it’s stuffed in the back of the pantry because your counter is too cluttered. Or maybe the clutter-free counter space itself is what you need.

Releasing old things you don’t need or want frees up all kinds of space for great new surprises – physical, metaphysical and somewhere in between.

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