Charm-o-Matic matters

Also known as … my second charmifesto

The past I talk about in Jesus Goes to Charm School led me to invent the Charm-o-Matic, a handy little metaphorical machine that generates conscious delight at the push of a button.


Because happiness is an assembly line. Delight doesn’t always just happen. Some deliberate assembly is required.

Because mystics-at-large can appreciate the subtle genius in lip balm and macaroons, in pine trees and flip-flops, in gnomes and notebooks.

Because we all need our own little pocket guide: a compendium of delights for a fulfilling life. It’s a Ben Franklin thing. It’s an Emily Dickinson thing.

Because charm is the new black, and everyone’s tickled pink. Cynicism is way too easy, and snarkiness is as been-there as its own nose in the air (except when its head is in the sand).

Because bliss is interesting, and happiness is smart.

Because the truth sparkles in a million different ways when poetry is on the brain. Thinking on purpose makes waves.  Or makes them stand still.

Because shamans, queens and warrior goddesses light sacred fires every day with a sip of morning coffee.

Because the Charm-o-Matic light is always on. Life, liberty and charm-i-ness for all.

So let’s set up the Charm-o-Matic and get busy. Let’s keep it somewhere handy on the counter. Let’s not be haphazard or skin-deep. Let’s be charmers.

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